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High Performance Rodeo January 7 - 31, 2016


Ambitious and never risk-averse. That’s the High Performance Rodeo.

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January 7 - 31, 2016

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January 12 - January 23, 2016


This year One Yellow Rabbit is celebrating 30 years of Rodeo madness with a big heartfelt kiss to our town.

OYR’s wickedly funny Calgary, I Love You, but You’re Killing Me is a musical comedy written by Blake Brooker and composed by the talented David Rhymer.

One Yellow Rabbit dowses, parses, and probes questions about our town to find out: Just who the hell are we now?

Don't miss this ode to Calgary.

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Wine Stage

New date! March 19, 2016.

We love to celebrate. Have you noticed? And when we do we put on the proverbial dog. Ask anyone. 

This year, in celebration of our 30 anniversary, Wine Stage will be the same fabulous event you know and love, with a new date.

We offer you the same sumptuous offerings of Calgary’s most celebrated restaurants, caterers and wine merchants – in the same fabulous venue, Gasoline Alley at Heritage Park Historical Village.

By buying a ticket and having fun you contribute to the success of one of Calgary’s most celebrated performing arts organizations – the nationally and internationally acclaimed One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre.

What are you waiting for? 

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New Look Coming Soon

It's all about renewal. The winds of change, and all that poetic reference. OYR is all about that. Always has been.

Check this site as we develop our new web presence over the coming months. It's going to be 'Super' as the Germans say - just as this tasty morsel suggests. And so easy. Literally all you want to know about One Yellow Rabbit is just a click away - what they're doing, what they're going to do and how you can get in on it. In oh so many ways.

Stay tuned. oyr.org

In the news

High Performance Rodeo hits the BIG Three-o!

Ambitious and never risk-averse.
That's the High Performance Rodeo.
Happy birthday to us!

Numbers to Rodeo by

  • January 7 - 31, 2016
  • 25 must see shows
  • More than 12 venues around Calgary
  • 30 years running.

On our 30th anniversary - we are celebrating!

We're bringing Calgary your dream shows - no matter who you are.

Here's a leak - tell everyone who told you:

  • Daniel MacIvor? He's back!
  • Laycraft Lounge anyone? Back!
  • Calgary Songs Project: 30 Songs Celebrating 30 Years. New this year! Featuring our own Kenna Burima.

Find out the scintillating details: hprodeo.ca


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